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This Brake Pads, 400cc to 800cc, ATV, Right Front Outer, Ceramic is used for a wide displacement range of UTVs and ATVs. Most popularly applies to 400cc, 800cc, 500cc and 700cc UTVs and ATVs from companies like Nordik, Hisun (HSUN) and Powermax. Common listed manufacturer part numbers include 44318-115-0000.

These machines are commonly manufactured by Chongqing Huansong Industries (Group) Co., Ltd. and distributed by a range of exporters, importers and distributors under such brands as: Hisun, Bennche, Coleman, Massimo, Qlink, Menards Yardsport, Big Muddy, Powermax, Nordik, TSC, Rural King, Cub Cadet, Excalibur, US Titan / Supermach, Precision, JMC and many others.

90A1280 and 90A1281 together make up EBC brake pad number FA228.

Common Nordik model names consist of variations of "Nordik Blizzard 400 UTV (NK400U)", "Nordik Blizzard 800 UTV (NK800U)", "Nordik Blizzard 500 UTV (NK500U)", "Nordik Blizzard 700 UTV (NK700U)" and other similar variations.

Common Hisun (HSUN) model names consist of variations of "Hisun 400cc UTV", "Hisun HS400UTV", "Hisun 500cc UTV", "Hisun HS500UTV", "Hisun 800cc ATV", "Hisun HS800ATV", "HSUN HS800 E-mark EFI", "Hisun 700cc UTV", "Hisun HS700UTV", "Hisun 800cc UTV", "Hisun HS800UTV" and other similar variations. Common listed Hisun (HSUN) Brake Pads, 400cc to 800cc, ATV, Right Front Outer, Ceramic Old Part Number is 44318-115-0000, 44205-055-0000 and 44117-055-0000 and 2013 Part Number is 44318-115-0000 and ERP Part Number is 44318-115-0000.

Common Powermax model names consist of variations of "Powermax Renegade 400 UTV", "Powermax Renegade 500 UTV", "Powermax Renegade 700 UTV", "Powermax Renegade 800 UTV" and other similar variations.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Total Length: 97.5mm
  • Total Width: 42.2mm
  • Alignment Holes: 6.8mm
  • Alignment Hole Spacing: 39.5mm (center to center)

Brake Pads - 400cc to 800cc, ATV, Right Front Outer, Ceramic



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