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This complete rear pulley clutch assembly, bell, torque driver, and plate is commonly used for but not limited to 250cc engines and liquid cooled belt driven profiles. It is most popularly known for its use in CF Moto CF250 (250cc) as well as many other brands of ATVs, dirt bikes, scooters, go karts (buggies) and engines with profile names such as 172MM-A, 172MM-B, CF250T-5, CF250T-5A, V3, and V5.

Common CF Moto model is “CF250”. CF Moto engine clutch (drive pulley with clutch bell) is listed as 0120-0520A0 with description "CLUTCH ASSY” and associated drawing number 172MM-A-0520A0 in their parts lists.

Approximate Dimensions of the Bell:

  • Outer Diameter: 167mm (6.57”)
  • Inner Diameter: 153mm (6.02”)
  • Height: 43mm (1.69”)
  • Spline Hole Diameter: 14.7mm (0.58”)

Approximate Dimensions of the Drive Clutch:

  • Outer Diameter: 170mm (6.69”)
  • Total Height: 90mm (3.54”) (95mm or 3.74” with the bell)
  • Shaft Hole Diameter on the Clutch Side: 21.9mm (0.86”)
  • Shaft Hole Diameter on the Pulley Side: 28.9mm (1.14”)
  • HK222918RS Bearing Inner Diameter: 22.3mm (0.88”)
  • Number of Splines / Teeth: 19

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

  • 0120-0520A0
  • 172MM-A-0520A0

Clutch - Drive Pulley with Clutch Bell, CF Moto, 19 Splines, 172MM, 250cc

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