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This high voltage / tension / ignition cable, which corresponds to the high voltage coil transducer 10A2001, is typically found in the EFI Systems / Electrical System (EFI) / Seat Assy / Fuel Injection System section of several part manuals. Commonly used for but not limited to 196S / CF188 / 500cc, 600cc, and 625cc engines. It is most popularly known for its use in CF Moto 196S-B(X6) / 196S-B / CF188 / CF188-B / CF400AU-L CForce 450L / CF500-A CForce X5 / CF500-2 CForce X5 / CF500-2A CForce X5 / CF600ATR-L CForce 600 X6 / CF600ATR-L T3b / CF625-C Terralander 625 X6 / CF625-B X600 SWB / CF625-2 / CF625-2A / X6 / CF500-5A / CF500-5B X500 / CF500-5C / CF600-5 UForce U6 / CF625L Long EFI / CF625S Short EFI / Terralander 625 CForce 600, GOES G625i / 625UTS / G625i MAX / G625i UTX, XY Xingyang & XY Powersports XY500UE / XY600U, Chironex Spartan XT600 / Spartan XT 600 EFI / Spartan 500cc / Spartan 600cc, Quadzilla RS6 Terrain / RS6 SWB / RS6 LWB, Explorer Grison 625 4X4 Deluxe, Journeyman Gladiator X5 / X5-A Valex / Gladiator X6 / X6-A EFI, WT Motors Siberian WT625, and Gio Viper, as well as many other brands of ATVs, UTVs (side-by-side), dirt bikes, scooters, go karts (buggies), and engines with alternative profile names.

Approximate Dimension:

  • Length: 53cm (~20.87”)

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

  • CF Moto Part Numbers: 018B-179000, CF188-B-179000, 0GR0-178000 “HIGH TENSION CABLE” or “HIGH PRESSURE CABLE” or “HIGH-VOLTAGE IGNITION CABLE ASSY”
  • XY Xingyang & XY Powersports Part Number: 33710-5400 “HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL WIRE”
  • Chironex Part Number: 33710-5400 “HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL WIRE”
  • GOES Moto Part Numbers: 018B-179000, 01AA-178200 “HIGH TENSION CABLE” or “HIGH-TENSION CABLE”
  • Quadzilla Part Number: 018B-179000 “HIGH TENSION CABLE”
  • Journeyman Part Number: 018B-179000 “HIGH-TENSION CABLE” or “HIGH PRESSURE CABLE” or “HIGH TENSION CABLE”

High Voltage Cable - CF Moto, XY Xingyang, Chironex, 196S, CF188, 400cc, 500cc,



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