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Starter clutch, also known as 'overrunning starter bypass', 'overrunning clutch plate' and 'one way starter bearing'. Most commonly used for (but not limited to) 400cc ATVs such as the Jianshe JS400 Mountain Lion as well as many other clones, rebrands and similar displacement machines.

Common Jianshe model name is primarily listed as "Jianshe JS400", "Jianshe JS400ATV", "Jianshe 400cc ATV", "Jianshe 400cc 4x4" and "Jianshe 400cc Mountain Lion". Common listed Jianshe JS400 starter clutch part number is F3-830000-0 and listed as "STARTER CLUTCH" in their parts lists. Also applies to some variations of Jianshe 400cc Go karts, buggies, UTVs and other products.

Manufacturer Part Number:

  • F3-830000-0

Starter Clutch - Overrunning Starter Bypass, 400cc, Jianshe

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