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This starter clutch, also known as 'overrunning starter bypass', 'overrunning clutch plate', ‘overriding clutch’, ‘free-wheeling clutch’ and 'one way starter bearing' is typically found in the Flywheels / Crankshaft Assy & Piston / Magnetor or Magneto Assy / Magneto Comp / Stator & Flywheel / Electrical Start Propeller / Driver Plate Assy section of several part manuals. Commonly used for but not limited to CH250 / CN250 / CF250 / 250cc engines. It is most popularly known for its use in Honda Helix / Spazio / Fusion CN250 / CH250, CF Moto 172MM / 172MM-A / 172MM-B / 172MM-F / 172MM-C / V3 / V5 / 1P72MM-A / 1P72MM-A(A1) / 1P72MM-A(A2) / 1P72MM-D / CF250T-6A / CF250T-8 / Jet Max, Baja Reaction 250 / BR250 / Dune 250 / DN250, Hammerhead SS250 / GT250 / GTS250 / Twister UM250IIR, Joyner 250 / Sand Viper 250cc / Viper JNSZ250DN / Viper 250 (SZ250DI) / Dirt Devil 250 (SZ250DS), Blade XTX250, Gio Bikes 250GT, JM Star 250, Jonway Master 250cc, SunL SLGK-250-2A / XF250-2A / XF250-2AR, QLink Legacy 250 / Commuter 250, Kinroad 250cc XT250GK-2 / XT250 GK-7, Dazon Raider 250, and Diamo Wolverine as well as many other brands of ATVs, dirt bikes, scooters, go karts (buggies), and engines with alternative profile names.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

SZ13030007 “ONE-WAY CLUTCH ASSY” includes:

  • CF Moto Part Numbers: 0110-094000, 172MM-094000 “OVERRIDING CLUTCH COMP."
  • Hammerhead Part Number: 172MM-094000 “CLUTCH”
  • QLink Part Number: 172MM-094000 “OVERRIDING CLUTCH COMP.”
  • Baja Reaction 250 Part Number: BR250-393 “ONEWAY CLUTCH”
  • Baja Dune 250 Part Number: DN250-554 “OUTER COMP STARTING CLUTCH”
  • Kinroad 250 and Dazon Raider 250 Part Number: 2812A-SCC0-0000 “OUTER COMP STARTING CLUTCH”
  • SunL and Diamo Part Number: XF172MM-1062000 “STARTING CLUTCH COVER COMP.”
  • Joyner 250cc Part Numbers: 172MM-094000, SZ13030007 “ONE-WAY CLUTCH ASSY” or “OVERRIDING CLUTCH COMP.” or “FREE-WHEELING CLUTCH”
    • SZ13006000 “SPRING”
    • SZ13005009 “PIN”
    • SZ13003007 “ROLLER”
    • SZ13033000 “PLUG”
    • SZ13031008 “CLUTCH BODY”

Starter Clutch - Overrunning Starter Bypass, Honda, CF Moto, Hammerhead, Baja



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