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This throttle cable profile is commonly applicable for many big brand and lesser brand name machines from all over the world. Common format for ATVs, UTVs (side by side), carts, buggies and all types of machines with throttle cables of significant length and matching attachment profiles.

This particular model was primarily stocked as direct replacement throttle cable for Xinyang UTV models XY500UE, XY600UE, Chironex Spartan UTV Models "Spartan 500cc" and "Spartan 600cc".

Most commonly used for (but not limited to) Chironex Spartan 500cc UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations), Chironex Spartan 600cc UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations), CF Moto 500cc and 600cc UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations), Xinyang 500cc XY500UE, Xinyang 600cc XY600UE ATVs and UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations).

Common Chironex model name is primarily listed as "Chironex 500cc or 600cc Spartan XUV or UTV". Listed as "ACCELEROGRAPH LINE" in their parts lists.

Common Xinyang model names consist of variations of "XY500UE" and "XY600UE", as well as a range of less formal names such as "Xinyang 500cc or 600cc UTV", "Xinyang 500cc or 600cc XUV", "Xinyang 500cc or 600cc ATV", "Xinyang 500cc/600cc 4x4/2x4" etc.

  • Total Core Wire Length: 205cm
  • Sheath Length: 194.5cm (76.6 inches)
  • Thread Type: M10, M6
  • Cable Travel Length: 9.8cm
  • Cable Stops: 5.9mm
  • Manufacturer PN: 58310-5400

Throttle Cable - 205cm Total Length, XY500UE, XY600UE, Chironex

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